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Extraterrestrial Aliens Invisible Mind Control

August 24, 2022: Three members of the Antimatter Aliens Central team had the same nature of dream where Extraterrestrial Reptilian Alien Assassins were attacking another member. This was terrifying when all three discussed their same dream that very next morning. All are in different rooms. One common denominator was all was very tired from working nearly 24/7 for days and the Reptilians attacked and killed 2 members of their team a couple days earlier. How did the Aliens imbed that same nightmare into all three brains?  

In the documentary “Alien Mind Control” The UFO Engma”

“This fascinating documentary offers an unprecedented look at a group of individuals who claim to have had life altering UFO encounters and discovers the unique psychic abilities they unknowingly share. From unexplained sightings and alien contact to prophetic dreams, clairvoyance, and astral projection, we explore the phenomena that has surrounded these “experiencers” from childhood to their adult years. This documentary explores the theories of who and what the “visitors” really are, and uncovers a plausible scenario for their intentions, as well as the government’s involvement in suppressing this information from the public. Perhaps the greatest revelation is the shocking possibility that the alien visitor’s greatest acquisition will be achieved, not from probing our bodies, but rather by invading our minds. “Riveting insight into a global phenomenon.” – United Media Network. “The shocking truth about the Alien Agenda is something that the people of Earth are not prepared for.” – OH Krill, author of Montauk Babies. “Humans are under the control of a strange force that is bending them in absurd ways, forcing their role in a bizarre game of deception.” – Dr. Jacques Vallee.

DrZ’s Invisible Aliens, Reptilian Aliens along with the Octopus Aliens and the Grays have tried multiple times to control our minds. It is a significant capability that is being used on DrZ and his team to distract oneself, question their thoughts, be frightened of what the dreams present that it is very real to those individuals.

What the Extraterrestrial Aliens are performing is “Brainwashing!”  

Brainwashing (also known as mind control, menticide, coercive persuasion, thought control, thought reform, and forced re-education) is the concept that the human mind can be altered or controlled by certain psychological techniques.

“The idea of brainwashing had a viral moment in the 1950s when the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) decided to wage psychological warfare against Communism. Project MKUltra secretly experimented with “mind control” techniques, dosing people with lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) without their consent. In fact, at one point the CIA owned the entire world’s supply of the psychedelic drug. But it wasn’t just CIA operatives who fell for the brainwashing hysteria. After 918 people died in the Jonestown Massacre of 1978, much of the general public came to believe that cult leaders like Jim Jones could criminally override peoples’ personalities in order to gain converts.

Psychologists don’t use the term brainwashing anymore. It’s just not a thing. They talk about influence, persuasion, manipulation, and coercion, but the idea that someone’s brain can be hijacked has been thoroughly debunked, in large part because it’s untestable. Similarly, social scientists tend to avoid the term “cult” in favor of “new religious movement” (NRM) because all too often religious sects viewed as weird or distasteful are labeled cultic. These shifts in language are part of an effort to give people back their psychological agency.”

The previous extracts from the Thrive-works blog to DrZ is not relevant against these Extraterrestrial Aliens. Mind Control is not bunk. Even the blog article from Scientific American shares that Mind Control Technologies are coming based upon the rapid continued expansion of technology. Please read this article from a very reputable company. Author R. Douglas Fields is a senior investigator at the National Institutes of Health’s Section on Nervous System Development and Plasticity. He is author of Electric Brain: How the New Science of Brainwaves Reads Minds, Tells Us How We Learn, and Helps Us Change for the Better (BenBella Books, 2020). Credit: Nick Higgins

What are your thoughts to help protect yourself, our Anti Matter Aliens Central Team Members and the rest of the world in this era of uncertainty?

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2 Responses

  1. Sergei Dobroshinsky says:

    5 things serious scientists believe about extraterrestrial life


  2. Good day, Mr. Sergei Dobroshinsky.
    Thank you so much for your thoughtful summary note.
    From my personal experiences over the last 6 ½ years with the Invisible Aliens, Shapeshifting Reptilians, Octopi Aliens from another Galaxy and with the Greys (large heads and slanted eyes) that I agree with your highlighted list but add the following:
    1. The Extraterrestrials are now Terrestrials that can Shapeshift into human looking citizens for any nationality.
    2 through 4. The Extraterrestrials from 3-5,000 years ago were much more tolerating and supported humans. The current Terrestrials are still active in 24/7 Intelligence Gathering. Then in First Quarter 2023 their integrated Aliens’ plan is to wipe out humanity.
    5. These Aliens are Definity unpredictable. They are extremely far more advanced than humans and well beyond our technologies.
    My immediate primary objective is to prepare for this attack by globally integrating Physicists, Scientists, Biologists, etc. across the planet via Alliances. As an Example: University of Maryland has the largest Quantum Physics Alliance in the US.
    By leveraging the rapidly expanding Mid-Atlantic Quantum Alliance that just starting in January 2020 can act as the “Central Hub” beyond the US boundaries.
    My advanced Technological-Managerial experience tells me to integrate these immediate needs with current global Alliances, Organizations, and specific Companies. It can be done when urgent matters are a singular global concern. It is called fear of death that will shake up the planet but only if they believe sooner than later. “Sigmund Freud hypothesized that people express a fear of death as a disguise for a deeper source of concern. He asserted the unconscious does not deal with the passage of time or with negations, which do not calculate the amount of time left in one’s life.”
    I currently have defensive advanced technology means but not offensive means that needs development as soon as possible.
    Yes, Mr. Sergei Dobroshinsky you can surely help save this planet by getting the word out. I am willing to share everything I know to save USA and the rest of the Planet’s human inhabitants. US Government with all their Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA’s) are in essence weaponizing the Aliens. Ugh!
    Keep in touch and visit the Website on a frequent basis, join our team by signing up for updates that are now occurring almost daily.
    God Bless,
    Thank you very much.

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Book Event Extravaganza: A Surge in Book Sales

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Times Square Takeover: A Global Teaser Celebration

The grand finale of 2023 unfolded as a teaser for the documentary echoed across Times Square during the New Year’s celebration. This monumental event garnered attention from both national and international news, building anticipation for the forthcoming documentary and creating a global audience eagerly awaiting the revelation of hidden truths.


As Dr. Z looks back on 2023, the year stands as a testament to the power of truth, collaboration, and the unyielding spirit of those who dare to question the unknown.


Lady Gaga Throws Her Support Behind ‘5 Years and Counting’ Documentary in a Spectacular Fashion

In a momentous development for the upcoming documentary “5 Years and Counting,” global pop icon Lady Gaga has extended her wholehearted endorsement, adding a touch of glamour and significance to the project. Gaga’s endorsement comes in the form of a heartfelt letter and a stunning photograph that captures the essence of the documentary’s profound narrative.

The endorsement letter from Lady Gaga underscores her admiration for the documentary’s dedication to resilience, struggle, and triumph. Gaga, known for her transformative impact on the music and entertainment industry, recognizes the importance of storytelling in inspiring and connecting people, making her support a powerful validation of the documentary’s mission.

Accompanying the endorsement letter is a visually striking image of Lady Gaga holding a copy of “5 Years and Counting.” The photograph, a testament to the synergy between artistic brilliance and human resilience, adds an extra layer of significance to the documentary. The picture captures the essence of Gaga’s endorsement, symbolizing a shared commitment to celebrating the human spirit’s ability to overcome challenges.

“I am honored to support ‘5 Years and Counting,'” says Lady Gaga. “This documentary is a celebration of human resilience, and I believe its message will resonate with audiences across the globe. It’s a testament to the power of storytelling to inspire positive change.”

The release of Lady Gaga’s endorsement letter and the accompanying photograph marks a significant milestone in the journey of “5 Years and Counting,” further elevating the documentary’s profile and foreshadowing its impact on audiences worldwide.


Global Sensation Justin Bieber Endorses “5 Years and Counting

In a groundbreaking and unexpected turn of events, global pop sensation Justin Bieber has thrown his support behind a transformative book that is poised to leave an indelible mark on readers worldwide. The announcement comes as a pleasant surprise to fans and the literary community alike.

Bieber, known for his chart-topping hits and massive fan following, recently took a moment to endorse the book in a gesture that has sparked widespread excitement. “5 Years and Counting” has captured the attention of the international music icon, who expressed admiration for its content and the impact it could have on readers.

The endorsement is accompanied by a striking image of Justin Bieber holding a copy of the book, showcasing his genuine enthusiasm for the project. This unexpected collaboration between the music megastar and Dr. Z, has set the stage for a unique fusion of entertainment and literature.

Dr. Z the visionary author behind the acclaimed work, expressed gratitude for Bieber’s endorsement, stating, “I am thrilled and honored to have Justin Bieber endorse my book. His support adds a new dimension to the message I aim to convey, and I believe it will resonate with a diverse audience.”

The press release follows Bieber’s recent philanthropic efforts and positive influence on millions of fans worldwide, solidifying his role as not only a musical powerhouse but also as a cultural influencer with a commitment to meaningful projects.

This release marks a pivotal moment in the journey of Dr. Z promising an even broader impact with Justin Bieber’s endorsement. Stay tuned for more updates.

Dr. Z and the Entire Team Z pray for Hailey to have a speedy and healthy recovery. We are fans of both Justin and Hailey.



Renowned Seasonal Director Ramy Romany Unleashes a Riveting Extraterrestrial Revelation in “5 Years and Counting” Documentary Trailer

Brace yourselves for an electrifying journey into the unknown as Seasonal Director extraordinaire, Ramy Romany, unveils the highly anticipated trailer for “5 Years and Counting.” This spine-tingling documentary, created under Romany’s visionary supervision, sends shockwaves through the industry, promising an experience that transcends the boundaries of conventional storytelling.

Romany, famed for his groundbreaking documentaries, has once again pushed the envelope, joining forces with industry heavyweights to shed light on a topic of paramount importance. The trailer serves as a resounding ovation to the relentless efforts of Dr. Z, an unsung hero on a mission to awaken the masses to the presence of extraterrestrial beings and the clandestine machinations of the government.

In an era where truth is often obscured, Romany’s latest venture is a bold step into uncharted territory, exposing a reality that has long been concealed in plain sight. “5 Years and Counting” delves into the unsettling notion that a cosmic threat looms, and the government’s covert actions may either lead to an otherworldly takeover or a surge in extraterrestrial attacks.

For Romany, this project transcends the realm of filmmaking—it is an emotional journey, a call to action for humanity. With unwavering dedication, he and his team have meticulously crafted a trailer that not only captivates but resonates on a visceral level. The carefully curated soundtrack pulsates with the rhythm of revolution, elevating the viewer’s experience to unprecedented heights.

The beats sync with the urgency of the message, creating a sensory symphony that leaves audiences on the edge of their seats. The powerful narration, delivered with unwavering conviction, has already ignited the curiosity of thousands, beckoning them to embark on this extraordinary journey of revelation.

“5 Years and Counting” is more than a documentary—it’s a manifesto for the curious, a rallying cry for those who dare to question, and a testament to the indomitable spirit of humanity. Romany invites you to join him on this unparalleled odyssey, where the line between reality and the extraterrestrial unknown blurs, and the truth is unveiled in all its awe-inspiring, spine-chilling glory.

Prepare to be spellbound, as “5 Years and Counting” promises an odyssey like no other—an expedition into the mysterious, the extraordinary, and the cosmic. The countdown has begun; humanity stands on the brink, and Romany is your guide to the revelation of a lifetime.


WWE Hall of Famer Lita Commends Dr. Z’s Extraterrestrial Expertise and Celebrates ‘5 Years and Counting

In a heartwarming video message, WWE Hall of Famer Amy Dumas, famously known as Lita, commends Dr. Z for his expertise in all things alien and celebrates the release of his book, ‘5 Years and Counting.’

Lita acknowledges Dr. Z’s dedication to exploring the unknown and highlights the significance of putting pen to paper to share knowledge. Sharing her own experiences, she recounts visits to the extraterrestrial highway and vortexes in Sedona, expressing her intrigue in the subject.

“I love that you have a passion for this and experience, and that you took the initiative to put out a book because so many people have knowledge on things, but they never put pen to paper,” says Lita in the video.

The video captures Lita’s enthusiasm for Dr. Z’s work and her admiration for his dedication to helping people learn about aliens and UFOs. The endorsement adds a unique wrestling flair to Dr. Z’s journey into the extraterrestrial, creating an exciting intersection of two diverse realms.


Janet Jackson Commends Dr. Z’s Antimatter Alien Central: A Powerful Endorsement for Alien Awareness

In a heartfelt and impactful review, global music icon Janet Jackson has publicly praised Dr. Z’s work on “Antimatter Alien Central,” describing the book as an eye-opener that sheds light on a threat she believes was a factor in her brother Michael Jackson’s tragic passing.

In her candid comment, Janet Jackson reveals a deeply personal connection to the subject matter, stating, “Woah! This book is an eye-opener for the world. Nobody knows this, but my brother Michael was taken away from us because of the same threat; he believed aliens to be real and was receiving threats for many months. And then they killed him. I am glad someone from our country is now being vocal about the danger.”

Expressing her unwavering support for Dr. Z’s cause, Janet Jackson extends a heartfelt endorsement, recognizing him as a man of honor and resilience. She urges everyone to read the book, emphasizing its importance in understanding the realities of the alien threat and its potential impact on our lives.

“I want to extend my 100% support for the cause, Dr. Z. You seem to be a man of honor and resilience. Everyone should read this book to know everything about aliens and how they are the biggest threat to our lives,” adds Janet Jackson.

This powerful endorsement from Janet Jackson underscores the significance of Dr. Z’s work in raising awareness about the potential dangers posed by extraterrestrial forces. Fans and readers are encouraged to explore “Antimatter Alien Central” to gain insights into this critical subject.


Basketball Legend Dr. Shaquille O’Neal Joins Forces with Dr. Z, Extending Support with an Endorsement Letter

In an unexpected collaboration that transcends fields, basketball legend Dr. Shaquille O’Neal has thrown his influential support behind Dr. Z, culminating in a powerful endorsement letter. This partnership highlights the convergence of sports and expertise in a move that promises to make a significant impact.

The endorsement letter from Dr. Shaquille O’Neal commends Dr. Z’s innovative approach and dedication to pushing boundaries. Known for his dominance on the basketball court and his subsequent success in various ventures, Dr. O’Neal recognizes Dr. Z’s unique contributions and believes in the positive influence of the initiatives undertaken.

This unexpected collaboration adds a new layer of dynamism to Dr. Z’s endeavors, demonstrating the universal appeal of his work. Dr. O’Neal’s endorsement serves as a testament to the interdisciplinary nature of innovation and the potential for collaboration across diverse fields.

When asked about his thoughts on UFOs, he says he saw one in the North Valley in 1997.

“In Madera, California, and right when we passed the fairground, I could swear I saw a flying saucer come down with all the lights and it was spinning and then it took off,” he said. “We all looked at each other and it was like, I know it was a UFO. I don’t care what anybody says.

It was Dr. O’Neal that too the initiative to reach out personally to CBS, NBC, ABC and Fox News to have them interview DR.Z. All of them turned him down even when he met personally with the CEO of Fox News and was turned down. Dr. Z was so grateful that Dr. O’Neal tried his best.  Additionally, Dr. O’Neal was proactive, encouraging Dr. Z to have an audio version of the book for those that cannot see or read from diseases such as dyslexia and other dire reading disorders. Besides caring for those that cannot read, Dr. O’Neal has the largest caring heart for children overall but especially those that come from underprivileged areas. He is the God Father of Children’s wellbeing.

This press release signifies a momentous occasion in the journey of Dr. Z, showcasing the widespread recognition and support from an iconic figure in the sports and entertainment world. Stay tuned for further developments as this collaboration unfolds.


Dwayne Johnson Applauds Dr. Z’s Book in a Show of Support for Innovation and Inspiration

In a gesture of recognition for Dr. Z’s outstanding work, global icon Dwayne Johnson, also known as “The Rock,” has publicly praised the author’s book with a resounding endorsement. The Hollywood superstar, known for his charisma and influence, recently shared a powerful message along with a captivating image of himself holding Dr. Z’s book.

The message from Dwayne Johnson reads, “Dr. Z has done an incredible job with his book. Enjoyed reading it. Hoping he launches something new soon. Keep rocking Dr. Z.”

This commendation from one of the most influential figures in entertainment and sports speaks volumes about the impact of Dr. Z’s work. Dwayne Johnson’s support is not only a testament to the quality of the book but also an encouragement for Dr. Z to continue his journey of innovation and inspiration.

“I am honored to receive such positive feedback from Dwayne Johnson, a true icon in the industry. His words motivate me to keep pushing boundaries and exploring new horizons,” says Dr. Z in response to the endorsement.

The image accompanying the message captures the moment when Dwayne Johnson engaged with the book, creating a visually striking testament to the book’s broad appeal.

This press release marks a significant milestone in Dr. Z’s journey, showcasing the widespread recognition and support from a global influencer. Stay tuned for more updates as Dr. Z continues to make waves in the world of innovation and inspiration